New API Docs published!

Today we have published a new version of our Easy-IP API Documentation here

You can now view details for all of the Easy-IP API requests, along with sample code in various development languages, including; C#, cURL, Java, Nodejs, PHP, Ruby Python, etc.

The new API documentation includes complete API, path, and operation information, such as authentication methods, parameters, request bodies, response bodies and headers, and examples. 

The SOAP API is a web service that exposes Easy-IP functions to any system that has standard network or Internet access.

You can write your own custom applications in C#, Delphi, Java, Ruby, PHP, or Python, etc. to automate the Easy-IP functions for asset tracking or network automation.

For example, you can automatically assign IP Addresses, create new subnets, update DNS Zone files, add/delete custom fields, change SNMP community strings and more...