Easy-IPv7 Free Edition released!


We are pleased to announce that Easy-IPv7 Free Edition is now available.

Easy-IP Free Edition is a powerful, easy-to-use IPAM & DNS solution that provides accurate network insight and rock-solid reliability. 

The Free Edition has access to all the enterprise-grade features of the full Easy-IP suite, including SNMP Host Discovery, user-defined custom fields and SOAP API for network automation. 

  • Allocate IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets in a logical tree view.
  • Pinpoint rogue devices on your network in minutes.
  • View the status of all your interfaces including link type, status, protocol, speed, and duplex.
  • Identify switches, routers, servers and other key network devices by MAC address or vendor. 

The Easy-IP Free Edition is perfect for lab environments, small companies, and individual network setups with a license for up to 500 IP addresses.

If you’re still using spreadsheets to manage your IP networks, our Free Edition empowers you to break free and start your migration to IP network automation.

Unlock the power of efficient IP address management with the Free Edition of Easy-IP and enjoy the benefits of network automation.

Please contact us now at sales@crypton.co.uk to get started with your free IPAM solution.