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Crypton is the UK's leading provider of simple, cost-effective, scalable IP network management solutions for Telcos, Service Providers and large Enterprises.

  • UK Based
  • NATO Approved Supplier
  • Financially Independent
  • Certified by the Business Software Alliance

We are a team of experienced network engineers and software developers with a passion for customer service.

View our extensive list of satisfied customers to see who is using Easy-IP to manage their IP Address space.


Founded in 1988, we started out designing large-scale IP networks for Telecomms companies like Global One, Chello Broadband and Virgin Media.

Frustrated by the lack of decent IP management tools, we developed our own in-house software, but it was so popular we had to bring it to a wider audience.

The result was Easy-IP, an affordable IPAM solution to manage all your IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets, VLANs, DNS Hostnames, and IP Addresses.


We are a NATO approved supplier to government agencies around the world.

Contractor Information
DUNS #: 399097047
NCAGE code: KC7P5
GSA Contract #: GS35F4347D