How to import a spreadsheet

Welcome to Easy-IP

This page will show you how to import a spreadsheet into the database.


The Easy-IP Import facility lets you import existing IP subnets and address data from text files, spreadsheets or other databases.

The intuitive Import Wizard walks you through the entire process in minutes, checking the import file for valid data and reporting any errors.

Follow these steps

  1. Go to Tools > Import in the toolbar.
  2. Select Microsoft Excel spreadsheet option. (xls/xlsx format)
  3. Enter the name of the file you want to import.
  4. gui
  5. Click Next.
  6. To import a single worksheet, select a Worksheet from the dropdown list, or select Import All Worksheets to import all the spreadsheets in the file.
  7. Select the IP Address and Subnet Mask Columns. The column names must be unique.
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  9. Click Next to continue. The Column/Field screen will be displayed.
  10. Click Add Pairing to match the column names in the spreadsheet to the field names in the database.
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    Tip: You can click Auto Add to match source and destination fields with the same name.

  12. Click Next to continue. The Advanced Options screen will be displayed.
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  14. Click Next again. The Data Preview screen will be displayed.
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  16. Check your import data looks OK.
  17. Click Next to continue.The Import Destination screen will be displayed.
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  19. Select the folder or Network where you want the data to be imported.
  20. Click Import. The Import Progress screen shows how many Subnets and IP Addresses will be imported.
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  22. Click Finish to end and return to the main Client screen.
  23. Check the Subnets and IP Addresses have been imported successfully.
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Tip: You can import multiple spreadsheets at the same time, providing they have identical column layouts.