Pricing Options

We offer a number of flexible licensing options to suit all types of users, from small networks with a few hundred devices, right up to Global Service Providers who need to manage millions of IP addresses from multiple locations.

Our flexible pricing model allows you to choose a license level that meets your exact requirements.

Easy-IP is typically 40-60% more cost-effective than competing IPAM products such as Bluecat, Infoblox, Solarwinds, etc.

Permanent Licence
Starting from only US$495.00, our low-cost pricing model enables you to benefit from the advanced features of an enterprise-grade IPAM solution at an affordable one-off price.
  • Non-expiring Licence
  • One-Time upfront cost with Annual renewable Maintenance and Support
  • Full Technical support, free upgrades and maintenance releases included
The permanent software licence key never expires and you can renew the maintenance each year at a fraction of the list price.
Annual Licence
Starting from only US$100 per month, our Annual Pricing Plan offers you significantly reduced upfront costs, compared to the traditional permanent licensing model.
  • Qualifies as an operating expense, rather than as capital expenditure
  • Fixed Annual Cost - Guaranteed not to rise
  • Full Technical support, free upgrades and maintenance releases included
The Annual licence key is renewable every year.
Note: It's easier to get budget approval for a low-cost Annual spend, compared to a higher CapEx outlay.

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Easy-IP licensing is based on the number of managed IP addresses, and the number of concurrent users.

Typical Licence sizes are: 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 64k, 256k and scale all the way up to millions.

Easy-IP automatically calculates the number of IP Addresses, so you can purchase the licence level that meets your exact requirements.

How does it work?

Unlike other IP address management solutions, Easy-IP licensing is based on the actual number of IP addresses that you allocate to a subnet and not all possible hosts within that range.

For example, you are using /16 CIDR block broken down into subnets as follows:

  • 3 x /22 subnets = 3066 (3*1022) - Main Office LANs
  • 5 x /23 subnets = 2550 (5*510) - Datacenter VLANs
  • 8 x /24 subnets = 2032 (8 * 254) - Branch Offices
  • 64 x /30 subnets = 128 (64*2) - WAN links

Total = 7776 IP addresses

So even if you have a /16 CIDR block (64k addresses) but you only actively manage 7776 IP addresses, all you need is an 8k Licence.

For upgrades, we simply send you a new licence key for the additional IPs. No need to re-install.

Volume Discount Structure

Tiered Volume Discounts are available for Telcos, ISPs and organisations with many thousands of IP addresses to manage.

We offer Education discounts to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Non-profit organisations.

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