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gui Intuitive User Interface
Organize your subnets in a hierarchical tree structure and display a graphical overview of your entire IP addressing scheme.

Create CIDR blocks, partition subnets and assign IP addresses in minutes with drag and drop.
subnet calculator Automated Subnet Allocation
Create thousands of IPv4 or IPv6 subnets in just a few clicks.

Split complex networks into different groups according to countries, regions, or department functions.
discovery Network Auto-Discovery
Scan your IP network in minutes with a high performance, multi-threaded network discovery tool.

Populate the database with IP address, DNS Hostname, MAC address, response time and availability.
SNMP Real-Time SNMP Inventory
Use SNMP to build an accurate up-to-date inventory of all your network equipment, servers, and printers.

Discover serial numbers and software revisions of all routers and switches on your network.
user privileges Role-based User Privileges
Delegate User Privileges to multiple network administrators, regardless of location.

Define permission for others who are responsible for certain network segments or regions.
access rights Granular Access Rights
Assign specific users read-write or read-only access to the database.

Grant User access based on Country, Region, Department, or even specific IP address ranges.
reports Flexible Custom Reporting
Choose from a whole host of built-in Report Templates including Subnet Utilisation, IP Address Type, Audit Log, and more.

Generate custom SQL reports, based on user-defined fields.
custom fields Custom Fields
Define your own custom fields for specific information, such as Operating System, Circuit Number, Line Speed, Telco Supplier.

Track any kind of related information including, OSPF, VOIP, MPLS, VRF or VLAN Numbers.
import Powerful Import/Export Functions
Import existing IP data from text files, spreadsheets or other databases.

Export to HTML, XML and CSV industry standard formats for easy manipulation by any other applications.
Write your own custom applications to integrate with third party systems, like HP OpenView or VMware VCOrchestrator.

Use any developemnt language like Delphi and C#, Java, Ruby, Python, or perl.

IP NetTools

IP NetTools is a handy new troubleshooting tool to help you diagnose network problems — fast.

  • Integrated MIB Browser with SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3
  • Switch Port Mapper
  • Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Enhanced Ping and Trace Route
  • WHOIS Lookup
  • DNS Record Query
  • MAC Address Search
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Subnet Calculator

IP NetTools integrates seamlessly into Easy-IP when installed on the same server, but can also be deployed as a standalone tool for Network Engineers on their own PC.

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